I’ve spent many hours drafting in AutoCAD. As such I’ve written a plethora of AutoLISP commands and scripts to increase drafting efficiency. These are a few of my favorites.

Scratch! - A fast scratchpad utility for AutoCAD.

Scratch is the largest AutoLISP utility I've written. It is a modal, scratchpad layer manager. It was primarily designed to speed up creation of complex objects and take-offs. It’s such a robust tool it is now an integral part of my drafting toolbox.

Switching in and out of the scratchpad layer is as easy as one quick keyboard command. When you're finished with the objects in the scratchpad layer, issue another command to erase the objects in the scratchpad layer. The erase command allows you to preview the deleted objects to prevent any accidental deletions. The mouse pointer and layout tabs change color to indicate when the scratchpad layer is active, no matter the method used to change layers. It even works when switching between different documents; it is a simple, unobtrusive reminder of where things stand.

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Text Override Tool

A simple command to modify dimensions’ text override values quickly. It features shortcuts for frequently used overrides. A match option will match selected dimensions’ text overrides to those of another dimension.

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Dupe (Duplicate Layer)

Duplicate a selected layer while specifying a new layer name. It will keep making new duplicate layers until a blank line is returned.

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