Old Man and The Sea
Long Wharf Theatre

Assistant Technical Director

Directed by Eric Ting
Scenic Design by Craig Seibels
Technical Director: Michael Wyant
ATD: Matthew D. Jordan

Responsibilities included engineering and producing construction draftings for:
‐ the main deck structure
‐ the tracking wagon
‐ the associated tracking and lifting mechanisms
‐ the upstage curved masking

Responsibilities also included planing, installation and programing of motion control systems.

The largest challenge presented by this production was the deck. The stationary deck was a raked, curved structure with off-axis faux planking and an internal, open span of 24 feet. A 24 foot wide automated wagon tracked upstage-downstage underneath the main deck structure. The rear end of the tracking wagon was equipped with an additional axis of motion; in the wagon’s downstage position it would lift several inches to meet the stationary deck.

The deck was also required to support a cantilevered bed (with actor) over the void of the retracted wagon. The deck would eventually house several fog lines and hundreds of fiber optic stars embedded in its surface.
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